Birches Valley
Birches Valley, Rugeley, WS15 2UQ
 1 Park in the car park at Birches Valley, make sure you pay for car parking and display ticket.
 2 Head up the path on the left of the play area.
 3 Pass Ferney Thicket and turn left.
 4 Watch out for the Gruffalo!
 5 Follow the path round.
 6 Turn right at the end of the path.
 7 Continue straight
 8 Continue straight at the cross roads.
 9 At the bottom of the hill, continue straight over the cross roads and up the hill.
 10 Turn right - their is a sign pointing towards Cannock
 11 Continue along the path
 12 Turn right, towards the water area.
 13 Continue on the path.
 14 Continue on this path, past the first pool.
 15 Continue through the boulders, and over the cross of paths.
 16 Continue past the pools.
 17 Turn left.
 18 Turn Left.
 19 Continue on this path, past the pools.
 20 Follow the path round.
 21 Turn Left.
 22 Head down the hill.
 23 Cross over the stepping stones.
 24 Continue straight up the hill.
 25 Continue along this path.
 26 Head through the gate.
 27 Turn right on to the road.
 28 Turn right back into the forestry commission.
 29 Turn left to the toilets, cafe and car park,