Hednesford Hills
Hednesford Hills / Museum of Cannock Chase, Valley , Hednesford, WS12 1TD
 1 Start at the Museum of Cannock Chase, walk up Valley Road to the entrance of Hednesford Hills.
 2 Enter Hednesford Hills Nature Reserve and continue on path.
 3 Take the path to the left, opposite iron gates.
 4 Continue straight on.
 5 Turn left at fork of paths.
 6 Turn left through the gate.
 7 Take the path to the right.
 8 Go through the gate.
 9 Take path to the left after the gate.
 10 Continue on main path.
 11 Go through gate on the right, into the heath land,
 12 Take the path left after the gate.
 13 Take the path to the left down the hill.
 14 Take that path to the right.
 15 Take the path to the left.
 16 Turn left at the end of the path.
 17 Continue down path and you will be back at Valley Road.